Content that Conveys

The world of content has evolved and so have we! Our dynamic and engaging content draws from years of writing and editing as well as embracing technology and emerging trends. Trust us with your content! We have spent years learning how to do it.

Content Development: Back to the Basics

Blogging, Facebook, Twitter, eNewsletters, eBooks. Are we too caught up with the channel? We at Knowledge Hive are an old-school content development team who still believes that meaningful content is at the core of good learning, training, and product solutions. Of course, we go right ahead and use latest technologies to make our content compatible and to give it that extra edge. But, we don’t believe in putting the cart before the horse.

We are committed to delivering your content needs from providing website content, promotional material, to ready-to-use training material for all your academic or professional requirements.

Our content offerings include:

  • Writing White Papers/Articles/Blogs
  • Creating website content
  • Designing and creating marketing communications
  • Creating workflows for procedural and compliance documentation
  • Content development for training and delivery

Editorial Services

Our Edit team reviews your content, searching for errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, word choice, and usage, keeping localization standards in mind. We can also help out with developmental editing wherein we reorganize and rewrite content to make it logical and engaging. We will help cut out the clutter from your content so that you can convey your ideas and information clearly.

Our editorial offerings include:

  • Copy Editing
  • Proof reading
  • Content Organization
  • Content Integrity
  • Making Design elements work

Technical Documentation: Decoding Complex Concepts

We believe in writing user documents that are clearly understood by our readers. So we focus on writing task and role-specific user documentation leaving out irrelevant system areas. We realize that quality technical writing is critical for the success of any product and gives our clients a competitive advantage. If you trust us with your documentation, we promise to reduce your support calls to the bare minimum!

Our technical documentation offerings include:

  • Online Help
  • User Manuals
  • Release Notes
  • API Documentation
  • Information management