Our Methodology

We believe that learning and training should address the needs of both end users and stakeholders in equal measure. To this end, we build content and courseware that facilitates knowledge retention, skills development, and learning transfer to the job.

We rely on the blended learning approach as a high-impact, low-cost way to drive our training initiatives. We leverage e-learning where it fits, surrounding it with human intervention and collaborative content to get the right mix. This approach supports engaging content with measurable results.

Phase Ⅰ

  • Understand Stakeholder requirements
  • Gather Information (Learning Environments, Delivery Options, Timelines)
  • Perform needs analysis based on available data to understand gap between current and optimal outcomes

Phase Ⅱ

  • Create course outline/strategy matrix to create modular content
  • Organize content based on course outline
  • Define design approach including tools and learning environment
  • Create design templates and project specific checklist and guidelines

Phase Ⅲ

  • Create prototype to client for approval
  • Revise prototype based on client feedback. This forms the basis for future deliverables
  • Prepare a list of deliverables
  • Review all deliverables basis previously design checklist and client feedback

Phase Ⅳ

  • Roll Out Pre-test(in case of training and elearning courses)
  • Print materials/write DVDs
  • Deliver ILT training/upload courses on the LMS
  • Send out alpha version
  • If required, create beta version

Phase Ⅴ

  • Analyze client/participant feedback
  • Evaluate Post Test results (in case of training and e learning courses)
  • Recommend Personal Action Plan based on evaluation (in case of training and e learning courses)